Founded as Let's Talk Bitcoin! in April of 2013, the show provided a crucial platform for early discussions and debates
In 2014 we launched the LTB Network, where we built an ecosystem of podcasters, enthusiasts and token experiments
In 2017 the LTB Network was acquired by BTC Media in a deal that involved the first token-buyout event for LTBCoin
In 2020 the show rebranded as Speaking of Bitcoin and left the LTB Network
In 2021 Speaking of Bitcoin was syndicated on the CoinDesk Podcast Network and Andreas's Youtube channel
Speaking of Bitcoin (formerly known as Let’s Talk Bitcoin!) is the longest-running English language talk show on the ideas, people and projects surrounding the Bitcoin movement and Cryptocurrency phenomenon.
Featuring analysis and discourse by hosts Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Dr. Stephanie Murphy, Adam B. Levine, and Jonathan Mohan, episodes feature friendly, in-depth discussions and even-handed interviews.

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